Translational Psychiatry

Bridging basic research and clinical practice

Our research is framed within a 5P model of psychiatry:
personalized, preventative, predictive, participatory, and population-based 

The Group is a multidisciplinary team (psychiatry, psychology, biotechnology, molecular biology) that correlates biological findings with clinical findings through animal models, neuroimaging techniques, genetics and immunology

Our main research hypotheses search for the existence of immunological-inflammatory alterations associated with neuropsychiatric diseases. 

The group is made up of researchers from the Andalusian Health Service, the University of Seville, the Andalusian Public Foundation for Health Research Management in Seville, and the Center for Biomedical Research in Mental Health (CIBERSAM).

Building bridges

The group’s affiliation to IBIS allows it to formulate research hypotheses arising in the clinic, transfer them to basic research, and extract results applicable to healthcare practice.