Appearances in the Media

Our Appearances in the Media and Outreach Activities

El Mercurio. Chile. MenteScopia

Spanish Radio and Television Corporation. Radio 5. menteScopia. Social Networks, a Mental Health Ally

 An interview on Andalusian Television CorporationResources must be allocated to Mental Health

Interview of Miguel Ruiz Veguilla: We have a record avalanche of consultations about suicide in Seville, especially of young girls and adolescents

Giving Voice to the Silence: Forum organized by EL PAÍS to make depression and suicide visible

Antipsychotic Drugs to Protect Against Covid 19

Dr. Garrido Torre speaks @laSextaTV

The Virgen del Rocío University Hospital in Seville is leading a national drug trial for treatment against psychosis

Schizophrenia without physical evidence in the brain

The demonstrated positive effects of antipsychotics against COVID-19

The pandemic harms the mental health of healthcare workers

About 150 people commit suicide every year in Seville and about 5 suicide-prone individuals come to the Virgen del Rocío University Hospital every day

Canal Sur News

Schizophrenia emerges as a risk factor for coronavirus death