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Videos posted on TikTok and Instagram spread simple and direct concepts about mental health, its myths and healthy tips.
Created by Helena González y Oriol Marimon, members of the scientific dissemination collective Big Van Ciencia.

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Symptoms of schizophrenia

Treatment minimizes symptoms 

Schizophrenia and cannabis

There are certain substances that can increase the risk of suffering from schizophrenia by 3 to 12 times

Learn, understand, and respect

People with autism spectrum disorder can go a long way 

Sports and mental health

Exercise is a great way to avoid mental disorders 

In MenteScopia we give truthful information

All information is assessed by CIBERSAM health and research personnel

Risk factors in schizophrenia

What factors favor the onset of schizophrenia?

People with ASD need moments of solitude

Learn, understand, and respect the spectrum of autism disorder 

What to do in order to have good mental health?

We tell you some of the things that you can do 

Drugs in your brain

Drugs can predispose you to suffer from Mental Disorders  

Mental Health Affects Everyone

We tell you what you need to know about Mental Health on TikTok

Auditory hallucinations do not incite violence

We break myths about schizophrenia

Looking into eyes can be difficult

For people with autism spectrum disorder, looking into eyes can be difficult 

Negative changes in your brain

What happens around you can produce Mental Disorders 

What is MenteScopia?

Helena and Oriol, from Big Van Ciencia, tell you what you need to know about MenteScopia


Mateo, diagnosticado con esquizofrenia

Mateo nos relata su experiencia y trabajo para romper con los prejuicios y los estigmas asociados a la esquizofrenia

Sara (woman and autistic) on late diagnosis

Mental Health Problems due to her late diagnosis as a woman with ASD

Paula from Miguel, on schizophrenia and education

Paula’s son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She demands more rigorous and scientific information about mental illnesses

Paloma (AspieGirl) and the stigma with ASD

Listen to the testimonial of Paloma, diagnosed with ASD in her adolescence 

ASD and Phelan McDermid syndrome

Comedian Raquel Sastre talked about Emma, her 5-year-old daughter in a TedX Ciutat Vella talk

Early care in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Meet the therapy with the most scientific evidence on ASD with Raquel Sastre, Emma’s mother 


We spoke to the best researchers. Meet the team of mental health experts. 

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Learn about the operation and origin of different pathologies with videos aimed at the educational community 


Interviews with mental health experts and articles that delve into the world of different pathologies

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